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The Role Of Managers In A Remote Workforce

Over 60% of US economic activity comes from people who are working from home according to the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

Many companies have readily adjusted to this style of working while maintaining work culture and productivity. However, some managers have not educated themselves on how to properly conduct a remote workforce.

For instance, as meetings continue to take place over video conferencing software, workers increasingly turn their webcams off. As a manager, you should keep yours on when possible to encourage workers to do the same. This can help maintain healthy connections while working remotely.

Additionally, managers should schedule casual check-ins with employees. Without the ability to pop into a colleague’s office for a quick chat, leaders need to set aside time for virtual check-ins to establish a better line of communication.

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    Although it seems that employees may have become well-adjusted to juggling both work and home responsibilities, facing multiple stressors at once can lead to burnout. That is why employers need to embrace flexibility in order for workers to have a better handle on their daily projects and home responsibilities.

    One of the most important strategies for managers moving forward is practicing empathy. Every worker is experiencing a “new normal” that can mean various things, so make it clear that employees are supported and show leniency during these unprecedented times.

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