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How To Support Workers Who Are Struggling

Mental health issues have skyrocketed over the last several months as the pandemic continues to impact how we live and work.

Employees are feeling the pressure of responsibilities at work and at home, with little room to wind down for fear of discipline from their employer.

This is leading to declining productivity and increased apathy, which is the perfect concoction for burnout. So how can companies support their employees during this time?

With remote working being the mainstay at the moment, employees need stricter boundaries in order to “shut down” at the end of the day. In fact, many workers expressed working longer hours after transitioning to working from home.

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    Organizations should encourage employees to turn off their work smartphone or laptops after work hours. Additionally, allow them to take days off every so often so they have the time to recuperate.

    Another way to ensure that employees are nurtured during these isolating times is to host socialization activities, even if they are virtual. 

    For instance, having a Zoom movie-watching party, happy hour or virtual trivia can help workers feel connected to their colleagues, thus improving their mental health.

    Lastly, check in with employees frequently to make sure that they are not silently struggling. This can be done through weekly or bi-weekly surveys, and HR teams can then have a better idea of how to aid their workers who may need an empathetic ear.

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