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2021 Could Be The Year Of Artificial Intelligence

New research from Fountech Solutions has found that 40% of UK businesses are planning to invest into artificial intelligence this year.

AI has been a valuable tool for companies throughout the pandemic and many firms believe it will continue to help them recover from the last few months.

Even more, 30% of companies stated they plan to pilot some type of AI tool over the next year.

Additionally, 41% of businesses have said they will hire new talent to work alongside this new technology. Not only do these tools help improve the employee experience, but it can also benefit customer service relations.

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    AI and automation have quickly become a crucial component of company operations and 58% of organizations have said that they will heavily train their workers to better deploy these technologies.

    “2021 looks set to be the year that AI adoption explodes. Indeed, the research shows that, having had a taste of what AI has to offer, many businesses will now be exploring how they can utilise deep tech to empower their employees and better service their customers,” said Ero Georgiades, chief operating officer of Fountech Solutions. “No doubt, we can expect AI to play a major role as businesses look to rebuild and grow in the coming months.”

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