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How AI Can Facilitate Innovation

Prior to the pandemic, remote working’s benefits seemingly outweighed its downsides. However, with little to no work alternatives outside of our homes, employees have increasingly lacked innovation and become fatigued or distracted.

That is why so many employees are eager to return to the office. Many have expressed missing the camaraderie and creativity that comes with bouncing ideas off of colleagues.

In an office setting, this innovation happens in moments when employees get a chance to collaborate during impromptu sessions. But until it’s safe to return to the office, employees need to find more unique ways to facilitate these random interactions.

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Luckily, there is another solution that could help boost innovation within a distributed workplace: artificial intelligence.

AI’s algorithm has the ability to take action in ways that haven’t been tried before, which can actually produce one-of-a-kind, innovative results.

Companies can use AI to develop matching methods, similar to seeing recommendations on Netflix, based on an employees’ email, Google searches and other similar data.

AI has the ability to take this information, have an understanding of what employees are working on and create digital introductions in a way that may not have happened otherwise.

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