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Machine Learning Platform Hopes To Improve Workplace Safety

Machine learning platform Intenseye has raised a $4 million seed round to help bring down the number of workplace injuries and illnesses.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, work-related injuries and illnesses can cost the U.S. up to $250 billion every year.

The company uses existing network-connected cameras in facilities and uses computer vision to monitor the health and safety of employees while on the job. 

Intenseye can then use this information to recognize if there are any health or safety violations happening in the workplace in real-time. This can range from not wearing a hard hat to ignoring distancing protocols.

The company’s dashboard includes federal and local workplace safety laws, as well as the organization’s own rules. In total, the service can identify 30 different unsafe practices that are common in the workplace.

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The platform can also provide a compliance score and point out problem areas by using workplace safety compliance guidelines.

If a violation happens, employee health and safety professionals are notified by text or email so they can resolve the problem.

The company operates by charging a base deployment fee, then an annual fee dependent on the number of cameras the organization wants to use as Intenseye monitoring points.

According to cofounder Sercan Esen, the biggest challenge of the company is that the violation alerts do not identify individuals and does not store any video footage.

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