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Making Wellness The Central Focus Of The Workplace

Wellness in the workplace has been an important component of employee engagement for years now, but the pandemic has accelerated it into the limelight.

Now, companies small and large are strategizing new, creative solutions to better support wellbeing for the future of work.

For KMPG, nurturing a healthy culture is the foundation of creating a work environment that truly focuses on wellness.

“We don’t let our culture just happen,” said Tracey Keele, Advisory Partner and Culture Co-Lead at KPMG. “We focus on making sure we’re really clear about what good looks like, what we believe and what we expect, and then actively reinforcing, nurturing and sustaining our values and culture, measuring it over time and course-correcting.”

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    Additionally, providing tactical support across the board can help create a culture that is employee-first and eliminates any barriers workers may be experiencing.

    For instance, offering working parents access to resources to help them balance their work with childcare responsibilities can alleviate stressors they may be experiencing. 

    Additionally, companies should consider incorporating access to mediation, caregiver support, and even other health-related resources to benefit their physical health.

    Another essential factor in creating a workplace that emphasizes wellness is creating a sense of belonging amongst colleagues. Building a community that focuses on supporting one another throughout challenging situations can not only improve the wellbeing of employees, but also has a positive impact on productivity levels.

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