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Preparing Employees For The Technology Advancements

While many argue that the future of work is already here, the question remains where the workforce goes from here.

Yes, the adoption of automation and other similar technologies has propelled society years into the future, but what happens when these tools take over human roles?

According to SaaS analytics platform Faethm, there is a potential to automate around 1.4 million, or 4.8% of current full-time roles in 2021 in the UK.

Those in customer service, administration, call centers and similar jobs will likely be the most impacted by automation.

Because this technology is expected to disproportionately impact certain industries more than others, it can be hard for companies to navigate these changes.

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Worryingly, projections indicate that over 700,000 of these roles are filled by women, which could have a negative impact on the already suffering population of working women.

Technology will almost certainly make certain roles invalid or at least heavily impact them. That is why there will simultaneously need to be more upskilling opportunities for these employees.

This will be key to avoid the misconception that robots are taking over everyone’s jobs. Opening opportunities for employees to better understand this technology will inevitably create more roles for people to work alongside these advancements.

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