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The Tech Industry Anticipates Return To OfficeThe Tech Industry Anticipates Return To Office

The Tech Industry Anticipates Return To Office

A new report from Savills finds that over 50% of technology workers expect to be back in the office by the third quarter of this year.

The survey of over 120 tech companies reveals that businesses are feeling more confident to make concrete return-to-work plans. 

“About six months ago, no one was ready to make any decisions whatsoever, because they had no idea when they would come back to the office or what that would look like,” said Peyton Johnson, senior director at Savills.

Office occupancy rates have still varied across cities, with New York City seeing 15.4% of workers return to the office, compared to Dallas seeing 41% of workers return.

However, some New York-based companies are making plans about the future now that they have a better understanding of what both employees and the company itself needs.

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One of the most significant needs that has emerged is workplace flexibility, with 95% of respondents saying that flexible and remote working will become more normalized. 

Additionally, 58% stated that their employees would be in the office at least three days each week, a clear pivot from the traditional 9 to 5 work week. Still, 61% of companies are unsure of what flexible schedules will look like.

The move to a more distributed workforce also means that companies may need less office space. In fact, 47% said they would need less space, but offices of the future will serve as a hub for collaboration and creativity.

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