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Employees Are Hesitant To Return To The Office

Nurturing Employee Health And Wellness

It’s no longer a surprise that employee engagement and productivity have been directly linked to health and wellbeing. Despite this being common knowledge, only one in six employees have stated feeling supported in their workplace.

The health of employees has never been more important, especially with restrictions being loosened and companies experimenting with new work arrangements. So what can business leaders do to ensure that they are supporting their employees during this unsettling period?

Asynchronous communication will be crucial. Instead of relying on back-to-back video conferencing calls, employees should be able to adopt the best practices for communication to help avoid fatigue or burnout.

This coincides with incorporating more daily flexibility into work schedules. Doing so allows employees to reap the benefits of asynchronous working, while also giving them more structure to their workday.

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    Additionally, eliminating the view that working longer hours allows means more productivity can improve the overall wellbeing of employees. Overworking can lead to presenteeism, which leads down the slippery slope of burnout.

    Lastly, providing specific tools and resources to all employees can help support them during troubling times. Organizations that offer easy access to health and wellness resources send the message that they want employees to be happy and healthy, and that they will be there to help them when needed.

    This can include mental health training for managers, leaders being open about their own personal struggles and being empathetic to different experiences employees may be dealing with.

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