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Time for businesses to step up and deliver flexibility and wellbeing for workers

Why Embedding Wellness Into Workplace Culture Is Effective

Businesses have admittedly upped their game when it comes to incorporating wellness practices in the workplace.

However, instead of adopting these strategies as a reaction to stressors in the workplace, business leaders need to make an effort to embed this type of culture in their everyday operations.

This starts with having an understanding of what people expect from their workplace, including where they work, how they want to progress, and more. 

Some leaders have already addressed this desire for agility by embracing a hybrid model. But simply adopting a hybrid approach that attempts to merge in-person and remote working isn’t enough. 

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    Knowing what each employee needs and providing them with the right environment to thrive will allow them to feel more satisfied in their work and encourage them to make it part of who they are, rather than a separate identity.

    This doesn’t mean implementing a new process — it means business leaders should be open to exploring new methods of connecting with their employees. Whether it’s bringing them together for an hour each week to spend leisurely time together, or offering flexibility around core hours, the best strategy will vary across each business.

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