VIDEO: UK Financial Expert Sees Great Opportunity for Workspace Operators

Continuing Landmark’s series of videos that puts forth expert views and opinions on the future of the flexible workspace industry and the challenges it faces. 

Having previously covered topics like valuation, the role of brokers, the influence of coworking, and the evolution of flexible workspaces, Richard Gill shifts to a current hot topic: Brexit and its impact on the workspace market. Today’s video features financial expert Justin Urquhart Stewart, Co-Founder and Head of Corporate Development at Seven Investments.

For the flexible workspace industry Justin sees a road of opportunity, even after Brexit results:

“I do see this as a great opportunity (for flexible workspace operators). And the opportunity is there because people are worried, so therefore if I’m going to develop my business, am I going t o commit to the actual investment in more property or do I want flexibility? I want flexibility. If I’m setting up a business, again, I want more flexibility. “

His views are on the same page as those of flexible workspace operators that believe the uncertainty many businesses are facing will lead to more interest in flexible workspaces as companies avoid signing medium to long term leases.

The video also discusses the following topics:

  • Will the Article 50 notice be served?
  • The market’s reactions in the aftermath of Brexit
  • Opportunities post-Brexit for flexible office space providers
  • State of the EU now – will it survive without Britain?
  • Trump vs Hilary – the American economy

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