New Tech That Will Make You Feel Like A Rockstar (And Save A Ton Of Money)

Google Optimize will help improve your online marketing, save money, and beat the competition
  • Digital marketing expert Kirk Deis has been testing a new bit of free tech — Google Optimize
  • Google Optimize enables flexible workspace operators to test content and marketing campaigns
  • Use the results to improve online marketing, save money, and beat the competition

Sometimes I just Google. I’m not surfing the net burning time. Nope, I’m hunting.

I actually make it a point to set aside some time every month to hunt. And when I’m out deep in cyberspace there is one thing that feeds my marketing soul like no other beast can — awesome new tech. The type of tech that gives me more time, cuts my costs in half and is a tool I can leverage internally with my clients.

I don’t just fall in love with the first piece of software that lands on my MAC. No, that’s a rookie mistake. I date around and explore my options. When I find that unicorn waiting to be ridden into the stars I often think, “How did I ever get by without you?”

Today, I’m going to share a piece of tech that will save you big bucks. That will change how you launch your next marketing campaign. The type of gear that will make you ask, “How did I ever get by with you?”

Enough build-up friends — let’s dive into my favorite tool of the month: Google Optimize.

1. The Million Dollar Question… What Is Google Optimize?

Before I answer that, be honest with me. Do you want to spend thousands of dollars on PPC to bring you leads? If you do, great news, I’m around. If you don’t, well, I’m still around to share with you a tool that solves most of the above. Best of all it costs nothing, zip, nada.

Google Optimize is intended for small businesses/brands that don’t have the budget or team power to redesign everything in their site for testing new marketing tactics. Basically, you add a bit of code to your website and within the platform you can A / B test different things, from copy to call-to-actions.

In human talk — I just saved you thousands of dollars of ongoing development costs. Yes, you still need a website to begin, but let’s focus on the positive for now. This is revenue back in your pocket to hit the ground running that much harder. Use it.

2. How Can You Effectively Use Google Optimize?

Marketing basically is testing and learning. The more you test, the more you learn. It’s a neverending and abusive cycle. The scary reality is that the moment you stop doing either, your competition passes you in revenue.

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Any marketer worth talking to will always recommend testing. If they don’t, quickly turn and run. You need to be testing, but you don’t need to go broke doing it. Never forget ROI = Return On Investment. It’s not always clear to say what it is — this is true. So I’ll just once again remind you I saved you thousands of dollars and I’m only halfway done.  

The next time you launch a PPC Campaign instead of building countless dedicated landing pages, just make one and leverage Google Optimize. (Secret Bonus Tip For The Awesome People Reading This Far: Take this tool to the next level. Google Optimize has screening triggers ie. you can have different messages for leads in New York and more. Imagine the different types of testing you could do here. You’d be a lead capturing machine).  

Test everything and when you’re done, test it again.

3. Don’t Just Read The Data. Connect It

What I also love about Google Optimize is the fact it’s a Google tool so it’s designed to connect to other Google tools ie. Tag Manager and Analytics. (Note: I often meet clients who don’t have Google Analytics installed on their website. After the initial shock I share this quick setup guide video with them: – it’s an oldie but goodie. Hope it helps your cause.)

Once these tools are connected it’s time to apply better, smarter tactics. Within Google Optimize you can run experiments, triggers and so much more! You should be measuring your content to make sure you’re advancing. By having all these fancy little tools talk to each other, the picture you see isn’t just painted in front of your eyes — it’s live in HD.

Final Thoughts…

That full moon is just around the horizon. Go check out: Google Optimize and let me know what you think, good or bad.

If you have some really cool tech to share, please send it my way. I’ll make sure to do the same.
PS. Here’s an article to check out if you’re interested in learning more about tracking, measuring, and keeping things a bit “D.U.M.B.” in your next marketing launch.

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