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Customer experience professionals share their New Year’s Resolutions

Customer experience (CX) professionals are constantly finding new, improved ways to improve the customer experience. Many CX professionals shared their New Year’s resolutions on the Experience This! Show podcast.

Nate Brown, Director of Customer Experience at UL EHS Sustainability and co-founder of CX Accelerator, said that creating a CX dashboard that portrays the employee experience in a clear way can help properly depict revenue, renewal rates, and loyalty.

Kaye Chapman, Learning and Development Manager at Comm100 said that her resolution was to work out loud in order to boost collaboration with colleagues and open herself up to feedback.

Holly Chessman, Vice President of Marketing at GlowTouch Technologies, says she hopes to help more women in customer experience blossom in their careers.

“It’s really challenging to work in an environment where you’re in the minority. Having a support group and learning new ways to make women’s voices heard is so important,” said Chessman. “I strongly believe that when we support each other, we all rise up together.”

Joey Coleman, Chief Experience Composer at Design Symphony and co-host of the Experience This! Show said he is seeking to write a thank-you note to a customer every business day in order to put more gratitude out into the world. He also aims to have more analog interaction in a digital world.

Jenny Dempsey, Social Media and Customer Experience Manager at NumberBarn, said her resolution was to put more emphasis on self-care and wellness in employee experience. She believes that everyday wellness should apply to both ends of the spectrum.

“So it comes down to leaders setting the stage, talking the talk, walking the walk, and not just telling everyone to be healthier and then doing the opposite themselves,” Dempsey said.

John DiJulius, President of The DiJulius Group, hopes to continue building relationships with clients, vendors, and employees in order to maintain a strong connection with one another.

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Sue Duris, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at M4 Communications said she hopes to continue educating undergrad and graduate students on the importance of customer experience.  

Andrew Gilliam, Help Desk Consultant at Western Kentucky University, said he hopes to strengthen the team’s core values. By reinforcing culture throughout the year, he hopes his team will be consistent in completing goals.

Shane Goldberg, principal and founder of CustCore Consulting, wants to ensure clients understand that there is no miraculous fix in solving all customer service problems.

“Things like journey mapping or service as design are not something you can just apply and it’s going to solve everything,” said Goldberg. “You need to have a whole program around it which includes things like design and cultural improvement and employee experience.”

Shep Hyken says he wants customer experience to be as convenient as possible. He wants his clients, customers, and whoever else you’re dealing with, to be a convenient experience.

Greg Ortbach, Engagement Catalyst at Arcane hopes to see better equalization and alignment for frontline staff. Since they are typically the first faces a client sees, they are the face of the brand.

Becky Roemen, Customer Experience and Contact Center Systems Engineer at ConvergeOne, says that her goal is to spread knowledge and tools to combat cost center mentality.

Jeremy Watkin, Director of Customer Experience at FCR, says he wants to continue looking for common threads between all corners of the industry. By gathering customer feedback from various sectors can help perfect the CX model.

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