Why Every Coworking Space Needs A Content Workflow

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A content workflow can help busy coworking operators keep up with the demands of content marketing.

[bctt tweet=”Content is a “marketing superpower” and a valuable tool to help coworking owners attract new members.” username=”allwork_space”]

[bctt tweet=”However, many brands struggle to keep up with the demands of content marketing.” username=”allwork_space”]

[bctt tweet=”To stay focused and consistent, content marketer Cat Johnson explains how to create a content workflow.” username=”allwork_space”]

Content marketing can help coworking spaces position themselves as a valuable resource within a community and it can also be very effective in attracting potential members. [bctt tweet=”Content marketing pays off in the short term and when done consistently and right, it significantly pays off down the road.” username=”allwork_space”]“Content is your marketing superpower. It is effective, affordable and completely customizable.” – Cat Johnson, Content Marketing Expert.

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However, many coworking brands struggle with creating content and doing it regularly. More often than not, companies — including coworking spaces — start to publish content, only to later find that they can’t keep up, and little by little creating content gets pushed down the priority list.

Cat Johnson, content marketing expert, argues that “it’s really easy to procrastinate creating content, but that content is too important to overlook.” To stay focused and consistent, Cat suggests coworking operators create a content workflow.

Cat will be hosting a one-hour training session to show coworking operators how to create a content workplace that takes them from idea to published in a series of steps. Ahead of the training, Allwork.Space caught up with Cat to learn a little more about the importance of content workflows.

Allwork.Space: Let’s start with the basics. What is a content workflow?

Cat Johnson: A content workflow is a series of repeatable steps to take you from an idea to completed content. You establish a workflow that works for you and your team, then use it over and over. It removes a lot of variables and helps you avoid procrastination and that “But I don’t want to create content” feeling. We all get it (yes, even me) so it’s good to have a system in-place to keep us moving and accountable.



Allwork.Space: I’m familiar with that feeling as well and I know from experience how hard it can be to move past it. So, back to the content workflow, why do coworking spaces need to create one?

The most common question I get from workspace operators is how to create content when they already have so many other things to do. The short answer is that you create a system — a workflow. This keeps you on-track and confident that you never have to start from scratch and go from idea to published post in one sitting. Rushed blog posts, emails, social media posts, etc. generally, contain sloppy content that doesn’t do much for your marketing. It’s far better to have a workflow where you can improve the content at every step. That’s where the content that converts is created.

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    Allwork.Space: Other than creating rushed content, what are some of the most common pitfalls companies make when creating content?

    Not creating content is the biggest pitfall. It’s easy to procrastinate on content creation when things get busy — and coworking managers are always busy. Content is a long game though, so it’s important to start now, focus on improving with every piece of content, and be consistent.

    Allwork.Space: I understand that during your upcoming training session you will focus on helping coworking spaces create a content workflow. Can you share some of the key points you will be addressing and why?

    During the session, I will break down the steps to creating quality content that actually speaks to your target market. I’ll show participants how to break content into manageable chunks, and we’ll have a Q&A at the end where operators can ask me anything about content marketing, strategy or workflow. Creating content isn’t easy, but it’s super-important. Having a system in-place is a must-do for busy workspace teams.

    Allwork.Space: I, for one, am looking forward to the training sessions, as I don’t yet have a strict content workflow I stick to. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

    The monthly Coworking Content Trainings have become a highlight of my work. It’s a lot of fun to get space operators together to learn and connect over content. We generally have lively chats going in the sidebar and great Q&A sessions. If readers haven’t yet participated in one, the content workflow training is a good place to start.

    Cat’s upcoming training session “How to Create a Content Workflow for Your Coworking Space” will take place June 26th. You can sign up here.

    Key takeaways from Cat’s past training sessions:

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