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Proptech’s Role In Combating Viral Outbreaks

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses everywhere to transition their workers into remote working positions in order to keep employees safe and help stop the spread of the virus. It is now evident that technology is essential when combating viruses, and the evolution of proptech will play a huge role in the future.

Since this virus in particular can be contracted as easily as touching the same surface as someone who is infected, implementing proptech encourages people to avoid physical interaction with certain surroundings. For example, voice command technology can be used to adjust lighting, heating and cooling, as well as door entry.

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Additionally, non-contact infrared thermometer screenings can be used during an outbreak such as this to measure the body temperature of people entering the building, and keep them from coming in if they are sick.

Another way proptech could be used during pandemics is utilizing drones with UV lighting and disinfectant sprays to clean and sterilize rooms to protect human exposure.

Blockchain technology also allows consumers to manage supply chains of essential items and prevent hoarding scenarios.

Overall, proptech could be key to helping the world avoid spreading deadly viruses in the future.

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