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An All-in-one System For The Remote Workforce

The current pandemic has undoubtedly thrust telecommuting into the spotlight sooner than experts predicted, so what can we expect from the future of work and technology moving forward?

According to Bharat Mediratta, chief technology officer at Dropbox, the state of the world has highlighted a major gap in the market. While companies have easily grasped collaboration and communication resources, there is still no system that brings all of these tools together. 

That’s why Dropbox recently launched a collaboration platform that aims to combine these tools all in one. The platform will be able to automate processes with a digital assistant, as well as utilize machine learning to offer new insights using data it has analyzed.

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“The workspace could say, ‘Three different divisions in your company have three different conflicting contracts with the same vendor – would you like to optimise that?’ Why, yes, I would!” said Mediratta. 

He added that another roadblock in remote working is lacking video conferencing tools that hinder real communication. With the use of virtual reality, workers could have a more realistic interaction with their colleagues during meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Moving forward, other changes such as 5G implementation providing high-speed internet to more people will provide the economy and workplaces with more transformative opportunities.

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